Join Us for the REV Fire Group Conference & Expo

Later in July 2020, get ready for an upcoming free digital event from the REV Group. The REV Fire Group Apparatus Conference & Expo, powered by FDIC International, will feature interactive exhibits and weekly Webcasts with leading fire service instructors on apparatus-related topics.

In addition to live, interactive walkarounds of REV Fire Group products, this digital conference will feature the following free training presentations:

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August 10, 2020

Aerial Device Strategy and Tactics

Firefighter G. Howard Blythe, Fire Department of New York/Program Coordinator, Connecticut Fire Academy

This workshop features a wholistic approach to the standard positioning, uses, and deployment of aerial devices at most standard types of structural fire responses. Novice and experienced firefighters and officers learn how to make aerial fireground operations part of an extremely easy-touse system they can apply at all structural responses. This system helps to build the muscle memory so important to firefighters and also elevates the operational tempo of the fireground, which is crucial for gaining the initiative at fires. Manufacturers’ recommendations, industry best practices, and case studies that cover firefighter line-of-duty deaths that relate to the use of aerial devices are discussed.

August 17, 2020

The Engine Company’s Guide to Winning: Stretching  for Success

Lieutenant Steve Robertson, Columbus (OH) Division of Fire

In this ever-evolving modern fire environment, special emphasis must be on selecting and placing the first line correctly. We must put ourselves in a position to stretch for success. This class focuses on engine company priorities and tactics. Topics covered are selecting and placing the first handline in service properly (a priority), apparatus placement, line selection, matching the proper nozzle to the proper line, and line placement. Overcoming difficult stretches, vertical stretches, and short-staffed stretching are also covered.

August 3, 2020

Proven Truck Tactics That Might Surprise You

Senior Firefighter Jason Joannides, Columbia (SC) Fire Department

Using more than 225 acquired structures, from single-family dwellings to large, multistory high-rises, the instructor presents insight into contemporary truck company tactics that have been proven and implemented on the fireground. Topics span from forcible entry and vertical ventilation to window-to-drill conversations and FAST team operations.

July 27, 2020

Mayday Monday

Battalion Chief Tony Carroll, District of Columbia Fire Department

“Mayday Monday: Tips and Techniques for Firefighter Survival” is a monthly firefighter survival campaign championed by the District of Columbia Fire Department. Its objectives are to remember fallen firefighters and to provide monthly drills/skills for officers and members that will help them to survive the fireground. On the first Monday of the month, a new drill/skill is presented. In addition to the training, the memory of a fire service line-of-duty-death (LODD) is reviewed. Readers are provided with a report or story about the highlighted LODD, and the drill/skill that ties into the cause of death cited in the after-action report is added. The program provides tips and techniques that address all firefighter killers, including fitness, health, highways, fire, collapse, and air management.

July 20, 2020

Must Haves for 1st Arriving

Captain Jonah Smith, Charlotte (NC) Fire Department

The focus is on the factual basis for many of the necessary fireground tactics initial arriving companies use. The first five minutes on the fireground generally dictate how the remainder of the incident will go. Successful company level training evolutions are presented to effect a holistic overview of effective methods for the first-arriving company in any jurisdiction. Firefighters and company officers are introduced to methods for proper size-up, deployment, and assignment of resources that facilitate positive and successful fireground outcomes in jurisdictions of all sizes.

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